Bavenhill Case Studies

​​​​​​​Bavenhill Mechanics can undertake a wide range or projects, varying from electrics and hydraulics through the design and fabrication of bespoke machinery.

Newton Farm

The installation of 336kW’s of Ecodan air source heat pumps into 2 new broiler sheds on a Herefordshire poultry farm is helping each batch of chickens reach optimum growth and increasing food conversion ratio. Ecodan offers huge savings for farmer and weight gain for poultry it is also saving the farmer thousands of pounds a crop and enabling them to claim regular quarterly payments under the Government’s new

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This isn’t the first time we’ve fitted renewable heating on a farm, and with the savings we will see here, I am sure it won’t be the last.

The Same Self-Drive Tractor
The Same self drive tractor, driven from a fruit picking trailer which is towed behind the tractor.

An electric solenoid switch was installed on the dashboard in the cab of the tractor, allowing the self-drive mechanism to be easily operated.
The self-drive mechanism allows the machine to pick as well going down the row. A simple foward and reverse lever, through hyrdaulic spools, was used with the tractor staying in gear. An emergency stop button was also added as an extra safety measure.

Apple Tree Shaker

We developed an apple tree shaker with an hydraulic side shift, making it easier for road travel. Two pivot points were attached so the weight of the machine was transfered to the rear.

This is very important which so metal fatigue does not occur, which can resulting in the machine cracking. The shift system also helped speed up field and road work.

Christmas Tree Sprayer

​​​​​​​This specially adapted Christmas Tree Sprayer has twelve nozzles with speed air assisted spray to give a smaller droplet size enabling greater coverage of foliage.

The Berthoud speed-air sprayer is able to give greater coverage of the crop from a seedling. Currently we are also developing a Christmas Tree sprayer for larger mature trees.

Poultry House Sprayer

This Berthoud Fruitair sprayer has been specially adapted for poultry house spraying. Timber lift boards have been added for easy fork lifting for transporting to different sites.

​​​​​​​A rear boom has been added with 90 angle nozzles so even the corners of buildings can be easily reached with the chemical. A pressure washer hand lance can also be fitted, which can deliver 60 litres/m.

About Us

Bavenhill Environmental is a family run buisness nestled in the heart of Herefordshire. Started by Chris Chapman (Managing Director), Bavenhill Environmental has now grown to be a well respected company in the HVAC industry. In 2014 we were awarded Heat Pump Installer of the year and we now boast a rich portfollio of clients and partners such as GEA Denco and Mitsubishi.

Our Expertise

Here at Bavenhill we pride ourselves on quality of service and customer satisfaction and after over 15 years in the HVAC industry we know we can happily deliver both of our goals.

Whether it be a domestic Heat Pump installation or a commercial controls solution we are confident that our years of knowledge will provide you with the service you need to solve your problem.

Areas of Expertise

Poultry Heating
Domestic Heating and Plumbing
LPG and Natural Gas
Commercial Heating
17th Edition Electrical
Solar P V and Solar Thermal
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
BMS Controls
Design, Manufacturing and Bespoke Engineering Projects.
All aspects of Farm Machinery.

Our Team

We are a small engineering team who thrive off knowing all aspects of our work, in turn close working relationships help us to achieve our goals to the highest standard.


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Robert Chapman - Managing Director

Clive Chapman - Director
Our Team

We are a small engineering team who thrive off knowing all aspects of our work, in turn close working relationships help us to achieve our goals to the highest standard.