Bavenhill Sprayers

Bavenhill Mechanics work very closely with Berthoud in supplying and servicing the full range of Berthoud sprayers and parts in the UK. We are able to supply a wide range of sprayers, however if there is not one that entirely suits your needs then we are able to adapt and customise the equipment to suit your specialist tasks and requirements.

We are dedicated to caring for and protecting your crops to produce a better quality of food. In today’s world, with its growing population and finite acrage available for farming, the crop sprayer is an essential tool to aid farmers achieve this goal.

We can offer a complete range of trailed, mounted, and self propelled sprayers that are suitable for:

Bavenhill can offer either a trailed, mounted or self propelled fan blast sprayer.

Bavenhill have been at the forefront of strawberry growing over the past twenty years.

Bavenhill and Berthoud have been involved in vineyard crop husbandry since its beginning in 1895

We have a large selection of crop sprayers available to suit your every need.


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Robert Chapman - Managing Director

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Our Team

We are a small engineering team who thrive off knowing all aspects of our work, in turn close working relationships help us to achieve our goals to the highest standard.