Bavenhill Fruit Harvesting Machinery

Pattenden Machinery, our sister company, is an innovative producer of fruit-picking equipment. We design and build to the highest standards and put years of experience into every machine that we create.

Pattenden makes the perfect machines to pick and handle cider apples, blackcurrants, raspberries and hops.

The Pattenden Blackbird, designed for harvesting Blackcurrants.

The Pattenden Grouse, a self propelled cider apple harvester.

The Pattenden Partridge, a medium output cider apple harvester.

The Pattenden Falcon, the largest cider apple harvester.

The Pattenden Wren, designed for harvesting hops.

The Pattenden Osprey, designed for harvesting raspberries.

The Pattenden Shake and Catch, fruit no longer has to be picked up from the ground.


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Robert Chapman - Managing Director

Clive Chapman - Director
Our Team

We are a small engineering team who thrive off knowing all aspects of our work, in turn close working relationships help us to achieve our goals to the highest standard.