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With the current financial and environmental problems we are faced with today we are all trying to do our bit to save money and be as green as we can. With a domestic heat pump you'll definately be going in the right direction.

Heat pumps recover the heat energy from the outside air or under the ground and re-use it to heat your hot water and radiators in your home. This is classed as a renewable energy as you only use a small amount of electricity to run it which also means the cost of running it is only a fraction of the cost of running your conventional oil or gas boiler.

Because this lowers the carbon footprint of your home the government will pay you for the amount of energy you generate with your heat pump under the R.H.I.
As with the domestic heat pumps, commercial heat pumps also qualify for the R.H.I. so installing such a system can be very profitable to your business. We have installed many of these systems within the agriculture industry lending itself especially to the heating and cooling of livestock but using this system for heating large areas meant for human occupancy is also a great idea.

Why not add to your businesses income and help towards the environment?
(Renewable Heating Incentive)

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps can reduce your heating bill by as much as 69% and you can now recieve RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive) payments in excess of your heating costs for 7 years.
Bavenhill is an award-winning heat pump installer that utilises the latest renewable energy to save you money and cut your home’s carbon emissions.

Heatpumps provide domestic heating and hot water for much less.

​​​​How does a Heat Pump work?

An Air Source Heat Pump converts 1kW of electricity into 3.2kW of useful heat for your buildings, maximising efficiency all year round. Even on the coldest days, a Heat Pump harvests renewable heat energy from the outdoor air and transfers it inside the building to the radiators or underfloor heating.

Traditional oil or gas fired boiler systems work by producing on-off bursts of heat to maintain the desired temperature. Heat Pumps work much more efficiently by supplying hot water to the radiators at lower yet more constant temperature giving you a more controlled level of warmth plus all the hot water you need.


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