Bavenhill Strawberry Sprayers

Bavenhill have been at the forefront of strawberry growing over the past twenty years. Working closely with Berthoud, we have adapted their fan blast sprayers to provide a specialist sprayer for strawberry growers.

The above strawberry sprayer was developed for a table top growing system, and is capable of spraying six rows (one tunnel, 8 metres) with air assistance to increase foliage cover. The sprayer has front folding booms for easier turning on tight headlands. The fan and the pump are both located at the front of the machine, making it a compact machine to operate. It also has a break back system in order to prevent causing any damage to the booms. Large floatation tyres have been fitted to help keep the sprayer stable on uneven ground.

Berthoud Table Top Sprayer

This Berthoud table top sprayer has been designed so that the weight is evenly distributed over the tractor, with no water held on the rear of the machine. The tractor does not require extra weights and can be driven for longer distances on the road due to the balancing. The fan and pump unit are located at the rear of the machine.

The controls are positioned in an easily accessible place next to the dashboard of the tractor. The controls include an adjustable flow rate meter, a five boom section shut off, and break backs on the booms in order to prevent damage in the polytunnel.

Berthoud Duster

The Berthoud duster is used to apply sulphur, and can be used on strawberries, hops or nursery trees. The duster has a range of between 4 and 8 metres width. It had a three point linkage and a 15 hp requirement.


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