The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long-term financial support for generation of renewable heat. It will pay consumers for generation of renewable heat via Ecodan® (Air Source Heat Pumps). DECC ( Department of Energy Climate Change ) launched the non-domestic scheme in November 2011 and the domestic scheme on 9th April 2014. The tariffs are paid for every kWh of renewable heat that is delivered to a property and for each different technology are as follows:

The domestic RHI will be paid over a 7 year period. It is paid to the owner of the equipment to offset the cost of purchasing a renewable system as opposed to a traditional fossil fuel alternative.
The Market
The primary focus of the incentive is to encourage the installation of renewable technology within retrofit single dwelling installations; allowing the following people to claim for the RHI:-
• Owner-occupiers
• Private landlords
• Registered providers of Social Housing
• Self-builders
• Third-party owners of a heating system

New Build is not included as DECC feel that current building regulations will enforce the use of low carbon heating solutions. A system heating more than one dwelling, whether new build or retrofit (including multiple flats in a single building), is planned to be managed within the non-domestic RHI scheme


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